Boox rewards users to read.

Good books fundamentally transform people, gives them a world view and provides them a mental framework to solve problems. We are convinced that if provided incentives people will read more and Africa and the world would be better off.
This is largely experimental and we are excited to see how users interact with our product our ultimate goal is to make reading and publishing fun, interactive and rewarding for users and authors.

Users signup

We send them a list of available books and they make a pick

We deliver the book to their email

They read and when done we share a questionnaire that test their knowledge of the book

A book is only considered read, when a users gets at least 80% of the questions asked
Users earn points for each books read and they can redeem for cash when they get to 100 points

At the moment each point is N50, at a 100 point, you would be able to cash out N5,000


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